Key Equipment


Sometimes the problem is buried underground or behind walls, Bear Valley Electric owns numerous different locators to help find your problems.

Bear Valley owns:

Various locators to trace both damaged and undamaged wires.
Thermo Imaging Camera

Bear Valley Electric has invested in a Thermo Imaging Camera.  We now have the ability to “see” problems developing so that you can plan a shut down before you have a costly breakdown.

See our Preventative Maintenance within the Services pages to learn more.


Aerial Trucks and Lifts

Bear Valley Electric has the equipment for your aerial needs.  We can set or remove poles, pole bases, and  service all types of private overhead equipment.

Bear Valley Electric currently owns:

*Bucket Trucks  which can reach between 30′ and 65′
*Scissors Lifts which can reach between 20′ and 32′
*All Terrain lift with a 45′ reach



Bear Valley Electric has the equipment to install power or other products underground.  Even if you need it under existing roads or building, we have the equipment and resources to get the job done.

Bear Valley Electric owns and operates:

*Cable plows
*Mini Excavator
*Skid Steers – with auger, pallet, bucket and blade attachments
*Pneumatic Piercing Tool